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  • patio and then raised garden Photo
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patio and then raised garden

I used the Ryobi cordless circular saw to cut 1/2 thick strips to had the sand evenly distributed before I laid the pavers down. by the way the strips started off at 10 feet long.... after the patio was completed, the wife wanted a raised garden for Mother's Day. Back to Home Depot (after the paver, paver media, etc) for 2, 2x10x10 5/8th" lag bolts. Using again the circular saw cut the wood at a 45% angle and then the cordless drill using a 5/8th" boaring bit to punch 8 holes though both the 49" long planks and 4x4 blocks to hold it all together. The raised garden is currently on the saw horses to dry from the stain..


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Upload Date: 03/30/2012

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 3 hours